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  1. Could someone that's been to the Community College of Philadlphia's nursing information session or been accepted by the program explain their point system. I hear it goes up to ten but how many points do u get for your GPA and AHT and stuff like that. What scores on the AHT gets you the points and what GPA gets you the points?
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  3. by   NightBloomCereus
    I know you asked this question a while ago, but I'm posting to help anyone who is still wondering.

    The maximum points one can have is 9. They accept 9s, 8s and 7s in decending order as space allows.

    Applicants fall into one of four groups:

    Group A: Those who have 12 or more CCP credits, at least one science course.
    Group B: High school seniors or graduated within past 12 months.
    Group C: Those who have other college experience, at least 12 credits, at least one science course.
    Group D: Those with a bachelor's or higher.

    For all four groups, you get 2 points for not having any withdrawls, D's or F's in the past year (past 2 years for Group A CCP students). You get one point if you've had one, and 0 points for more than one.

    You get up to 3 points for your score on the Allied Health Test. A score of 21 or higher earns 3 points, 18-20 earns 2 points and 15-17 earns 1 point.

    You get up to 4 points for GPA. 3.5 gets you 4 points, 3.0-3.49 gets you 3 points, and 2.75-2.99 gets you 2 points. For Group A (CCP students), I believe they only look at CCP credits. For Group B (High school grads) you can get 4 points for being in the top 1/3 of your class or getting an A average in college prep courses. For group D, they only look at the institution you got your degree from.

    So that's 3 points for the Allied Health Test, 4 points for GPA and 2 points for no withdrawls, D's or F's, which add up the the maximum 9 points.

    The best way to find out about the nursing program is to go in-person to the counseling center. If you call the information line, you will be on hold for 20 minutes and when you finally get someone, they will not be able to answer your questions. Save yourself the frustration and just go down there.