Paramedic-RN program TX.

  1. Hi guys/gals!

    I'm newbie here. Anyways I'm looking for Paramedic to RN program but most of them are Community College, and I really don't want to wait. plus I don't have enough college credits for nursing. I'm looking for either Excelsior But it's expensive though and they only have pass/fail clinical or WGU, which is pretty good for what I've read here in this forum.

    I'm more towards WGU since they have online class and has clinicals. Based on my research I have to apply for their pre-licensure RN. Can I use straighter line, or Edukan and get some or all my pre-requistes there and then apply to WGU's RN program? Is it cheaper to do it, or just go to WGU all the way?
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  3. by   EDUKAN
    Hey there! We have been supporting healthcare professionals with their online education since 1998 and many here on allnurses have taken their prerequiesites from us. We have very flexible schedules - you can find out more by visiting us at :-)
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    I called them earlier and left voicemail but, never get a call back.
  5. by   EDUKAN
    We're sorry they haven't gotten back to you yet, we are in Central time and open from 8 AM to 4:30 PM for live chat or phone assistance. You can also request help here: Get In Touch with EDUKAN - EDUKAN | Online College | Distance Education | Online Classes | AA Degrees. We look forward to helping answer any of your questions when we connect. Thanks!!