OshKosh Accelerated Bsn 2018

  1. I am applying for Oshkosh Accelerated BSN May/October 2018 cohort. I am really nervous. I took the teas V once and did very poorly. Has anyone taken the new verson?What is the expected score to get in? How is the interview process. After submitting the application and finishing teas test how soon do we find out if we got in? I live in Oregon. Is there anyone apply live in Oregon
    too?Any answer would be really helpful.
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  3. by   oregonnurse55

    I was told that the Teas wasn't the biggest factor in your acceptance decision; that it just needed to be at or above the average for the school on the site. which is 65.6 I believe. I was told the major factor was grades, and your experience in a medical stetting. If you have those set, than you might not have to worry about the TEAS. The interview was pretty simple, just read the info online, have a set plan for financial aid, study habits, time commitment etc. you will have to tell them this in the interview. They send out an email interview/essay before the phone interview as well so make sure to check your email. Where in Oregon are you? I am in Oregon and got into the February cohort of '18. They gave me a response 4 days after the interview, but I hear it takes longer, up to a few weeks. Good Luck!
  4. by   tripti
    I live in Bend. Thank you for your reply.I am hoping to get into the one that starts in May but it seems like the cohort fills up very fast. I am still studying for the teas. Where in Oregon do you live?
  5. by   oregonnurse55
    okay, Bend will be a good location! They do seem to fill up fast. I was originally trying to go for October but that didn't happen ha. Either way, once you get in it is just a year! I live in Portland! I was told I might have to travel to other locations for clinicals though, so we will see.
  6. by   hikeat96
    Hi! I'm also in Oregon, in Corvallis. I got my acceptance letter for the May cohort today! You asked about how long it all takes - I submitted my complete application in mid-July. My interview was scheduled for 7 weeks later (early September). And I got my acceptance letter 7 weeks after that (today). It was a painfully long wait, but now I feel so relieved to know what my future will hold. I can't wait to get more information.

    You also asked about the TEAS. I don't know what the old version looked like, but I found the new version fairly straightforward. I did a lot better than expected on it. Hopefully you will too! I got the sense that it's really the whole package that they look at when making admission decisions. I did not have a lot of healthcare experience (CNA for 3 months and birth doula for a while but that was a long time ago). My undergrad GPA also wasn't good - just a 3.003. But that was 20 years ago. My more recent prereq GPA was 3.9 and I did great on the TEAS. I also have a PhD. I think my more recent academic performance and general life experience outweighed my lack of healthcare experience and low undergrad grades. I can't wait to meet the others in my cohort and see what the other students are like.

    Good luck on everything! You've gotten some good advice on this and other threads.

  7. by   mmw94
    I just got my acceptance letter for the October 2018 cohort! I'm graduating this spring with my bachelors so it was the earliest one I was eligible for. Has anyone else applied or got accepted?
  8. by   pn0725
    Hey! I applied to the October 2018 cohort and my phone interview is tomorrow! Any suggestions or tips?How did you think it was?

    And just curious about timeline...when was your interview? I'm hoping I won't have to wait a long time before hearing back after!

    Thanks and huge congrats!!
  9. by   mmw94
    I didn't think the phone interview was bad at all! They ask you typical interview questions so you really have to sell yourself. I had my phone interview January 18th and found out I was accepted February 14th
  10. by   hikeat96
    I agree with the other poster. Interview was pretty fun. Typical stuff and they give you good advice on how to prepare in the instruction emails.

    I had to wait 7 weeks from the day of my interview until I got my acceptance. I know another person who only waited 4 days. SO it REALLY varies. Hopefully you won't have to wait long. My interviewers actually told me I would hear in a week or two, but turns out the meeting when they choose who to accept wasn't until the NEXT month...so it turned in to 7 weeks.

    Good luck with everything! I did so much smiling and laughing during my interview that my cheeks hurt at the end.

  11. by   mmw94
    I really enjoyed my phone interview too!!
  12. by   pn0725
    Okay good to know! Well, I'm excited for the interview and guess I'll just plan on most likely waiting a bit. I haven't received any informative emails about the interview though?
  13. by   ScottR0315
    I had my interview on March 6th. Jean told me they will meet April 6th to start making decesions for the October cohort. I am excited and hope to hear good news!
  14. by   PRA11
    Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to comment because I also received my acceptance letter last week for the October 2018 Cohort. Good luck to the rest of those applying!