Oncology Nurse Practitioners.

  1. i'm not sure if this thread is in the right place, but my question is for oncology nurse practitioners, oncology clinical nurse specialists, and oncology advanced practice nurses.... current and prospective.

    are there any of you out there who are working as or with master's level oncology nurses?
    where did you complete your educational goals... were you happy with the programs?
    are you working with those coming from combined bs/ms programs... how are your experiences with these individuals?
    how are your experiences in your current units / organizations?
    are you a member of ons, the oncology nursing society?... do you find membership in the organization worthwhile?
    any words of wisdom to someone who is heavily interested in symptom management, palliative care, pharmacology, and genetics?

    are they any of you out there who are planning to attend or are matriculating in the bs/ms programs at columbia, yale, or ucsf?
    are you satisfied with the program... specifically the oncology curriculum?
    if you've recently graduated... how are you acclimating to the workforce?

    after three years of mulling it over, i've finally decided to get started on my pre-reqs for a bs/ms program.
    i have to take the gre and complete anatomy, physiology, and microbiology classes to satisfy the requirements at columbia, yale, and ucsf... the three schools i plan to attend in 2011.
    i chose these three because they are the only schools with combined bs/ms programs that offer oncology specialties.
    i already have a b.a. in psychology and if i'm going to spend the money and time to go back to school... i might as well get a master's in the process.
    i'm currently working in administration at a new york city hospital.

    my first choice is columbia's combined bs/ms [etp] program, because it's in the city.
    second choice is yale's graduate entry prespecialty in nursing [gepn] program, because it's close by.
    third choice... oddly though, the best choice... is ucsf's master entry program in nursing [mepn].
    educationally, it's the best choice because they focus specifically on oncology/genomics...
    but i'd rather stay in new york.
    i know, it's a poor excuse.

    i plan on working at memorial sloan-kettering or with any cancer-specific organization... doing research or education.
    if i do direct-practice... i'd like to work in a pain and palliative care unit or a post anesthesia care unit.

    feedback on any or all of the questions is greatly appreciated!
    thanks in advance for your thoughts and words of wisdom!!!

    - alan.
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