OLOL-Baton Rouge Accelerated Program

  1. Hi there,

    Has one applied and/or have an interview with OLOL Baton Rouge for their Accelerated Program? If I'm not mistaken this is going to be their first semester (Fall '07), so is everyone else in the dark like me, or can you shed some light? My interview is Tuesday and I'm nervous.
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  3. by   Terika9
    Hey. I'm thinking of applying in Fall 09. Hope u get in good luck!
  4. by   JustKeepSmiling
    A friend of mine just graduated. Starting out at Tulane $23 hour med-surg.

    She loved the program.

    I'm applying for Charity, fall of 2009. I think their program, is a better match for me.

    Depends on the student!

    Anyways, best of luck!!!!!!!!

    Lord knows looziana needs some more nurses!