Ocean County College just opened another Online Microbiology section

  1. Ocean County College in Toms River NJ just opened another Online Microbiology section BIOL 232 DL4 for the Fall 2009 semester. I just finished there summer 5 week online micro course and I highly recommend this course for anyone who needs a microbiology course with the laboratory taught totally online. The course transfers almost anywhere and is taught by what I consider as one of the best professors that I have every had.

    Its a full 15 week semester so you can take your time. He runs a "low pressure" course with plenty of help and feedback!

    Their website is www.ocean.edu/micro.htm

    Enjoy! You will love it!

    Gourley Gal
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  3. by   nursingprereqs
    Hi there, I am interested. A few questions if you can help:

    Are there pre-reqs to get into the Micro class? The last time I took a bio class was undergrad at ucla in 1999!

    Do we have to find a lab locally and an instructor here to help?

    Do we need to find someone to procture exams.

    Is it true that many schools now accept online micro with lab?

    How much will it cost?

    Thanks! Bindhu
  4. by   Gourley Gal

    The prerequisites for Microbiology Online BIOL 232 DL are either Anatomy and Physiology or General Biology or you can ask for the permission of the instructor. I don't think that they care when you have taken your prerequisites so I think 1999 would be fine.

    There are no proctors which is great. They use a "Lock Down Browser" for your mid term and final.

    Call the Ocean County College registrar to register 732 255-0304. Be prepared to pay "up front."

    The course is accepted in most states and most nursing programs because they use a "hands on" lab and not a virtual one. A LabPaq arrives at your front door with the microscope. You do the labs in your own home. I set mine up in the basement. Its a lot of fun and I got all mine to work. If you have a digital camera, its a help to send pictures along with your lab report.

    You will need to pay just over $400 for the lab and scope. The gas savings and the convenience made up for it in my estimation.

    This is the best online course I have taken. The professor is inspiring and will even call you up on the phone and help you step by step with the lab if you get stuck. I did the whole thing in 5 weeks which was a bit of a challenge. The class starting September 8th is 15 weeks which should be a nice and easy pace.

    I hope this heps you out.

    Take this course!!! Its great!!!

    Gourley Gal
  5. by   gabby27
    Hi Gourley Gal,

    Could you tell me how much this class cost ? I am also interested. I am out of state but i am a little confused on the prices from the website.
  6. by   Gourley Gal
    Dear Gabby27,

    I live in Ocean County so it was dirt cheap for me. I think out of state tuition for a 4 credit online microbiology course is $900+ paid to Ocean County College.

    The book only ran me $29 because I found a used one online.

    The microscope, oil immersion lens and the LabPaq ran me about just over $400. I also bought the optional digital image adaptor for the microscope which ran me another $50. It made doing labs a snap because I could e-mail the picture of what I was looking at. Its a great little microscope. The students at OCC use it for A&P I and II and Micro online. You can probably sell it to another student when you are done.

    I know its about ~ $1500 when all is said and done for an out of state student. It was not easy putting it all on a credit card but I believe it is worth the money because of the time I saved running back and forth to the college and the ability to do thinks when I wanted. I work full time so it was the only way to go for me. The professor is very flexible and a huge help to all of the students. He goes out of his way to call students up if they are having difficulties with the labs.

    I hope this helps and I really did love this class!!! Half of the students were from out of state. Everyone helps each other. Its great!

    Gourley Gal
  7. by   bach09
    Just wanted to throw in that I have taken A&P and chem with OCC and they really are great. I will be taking micro in the spring
  8. by   Meant2beRN
    Hi Bach09,

    Can you tell me more about your experiences for Chem?
  9. by   bach09
    Meant2bern, I took intro to chem. you will order a lab from Labpaq that has all the lab materials you need except of course household materials you have to provide. I did the labs in my kitchen while my child was at daycare...didnt know if I would blow something up It was a lot of measuring and mixing chemicals. The prof gave directions plus the labpaq came with directions so that made it easier for me to understands. My prof was great and had really good modules posted. At first I did not think I would be able to learn Chem online but I actually did and made an A. I take chem 1 in 8 days!
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  10. by   Gourley Gal

    I took Introductory Chemistry at Ocean County College also. I needed it for a BSN program at Kean University while I was waiting to get into OCC nursing.

    The course is wonderful and taught by a nurse who is also a chemistry prof. She really tied in the chemistry to what we will need to know as nurses. She is excellent! You will also enjoy this class as well as the online microbiology at OCC. They also used the LabPaqs which are really fun to use.

    Good Luck!

    Gourley Gal.
  11. by   Shar81
    Can anyone share what the name of the Microbiology text is ? I need to get a used one online. I am hoping to register for the class today. I'm really hoping to get an A since the nursing program i'd like to apply to is very competitive. There are two different teachers teaching it this Fall. Are they both good teachers ?
  12. by   Gourley Gal

    Here is the text information for OCC's Microbiology Online course:

    Microbiology: A Systems Approach
    Marjorie Kelly Cowan, Kathleen Park Talaro
    McGraw Hill: Higher Education
    Pub Date: MAY-08,
    Edition: 2

    The course website is:

    I have heard that both professors are great.

    I hope this helps!

    Gourley Gal
  13. by   gabby27
    Can anyone share their experience with me for the Anatomy and Physiology 2 class online through Ocean County ? I'm in the Microbiology class now, and i really love the format, the professor and the relaxed atmosphere. I would like to enroll in the A&P 2 class for Fall Quick Term. Is it worth it the money ? Please let me know. Also, what teachers do you recommend ?
  14. by   gabby27
    Quote from bach09
    Just wanted to throw in that I have taken A&P and chem with OCC and they really are great. I will be taking micro in the spring
    Hi Bach09, could you tell me how A&P 2 was for you ?