NYU vs. Marymount Accelerated Nursing Program

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've been accepted to NYU (New York Univ) and Marymount's (Arlington, VA) 2nd degree Accelerated Nursing Programs that are scheduled to begin this Fall. I am in the process of making a decision and wanted to see if any of you could offer any insight! I realize that NYU is tprobably the better program, but I am not positive I want to live in New York City at this point. Do you think it would hurt my career if I attend the program that is not as well known or prestigious?

    Thanks for your help! I have to decide by Monday, April 30th!!!
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  3. by   Agenyc
    From everything I have heard, it will NOT matter where you go to school for the RN, as long as you pass the boards. You should do what you think works better for you right now. I live in NY and want to go to NYU (regular BS/transfer), since I need to stay here in the city. Living in New York is SO expensive, and Arlington is really nice and close to DC. If you want to get a Master's I think it is more important to pick a "better" school.
    Don't worry about prestige--you will get jobs, so do what's best for you.
  4. by   westeastcoastnurse2b
    Thanks for your input! Another thing- i've actually never been to Arlington, DC- do you like that area? From what I hear, it's nice and close to DC! NYU is actually more expensive (by about 20G) and apartments are a LOT smaller and a lot more expensive in New York versus DC. I think the pass rate for the National Board is higher coming out of NYU, but not by much.
    Anyway- any more insight is greatly appreciated!!
  5. by   futurern123
    Arlington is ok. I am thinking of going to Marymount as well. I have a friend there right now and she LOVES it. There are two campuses I think for marymount-- one is kinda strange, it's in the suburbs, and the other is in Ballston, the city area.

    I personally don't like NYC, I found it to be really depressing for some reason....I didn't like how the buildings were so tall you couldn't even see the sun! Keep in mind the DC area is expensive too.... if you are trying to get your own apt, even a studio can run $1200/month minimum.

    As for the prestige, from what I've heard it really doesn't matter where you go to school as long as you can pass the required exams. I had to go to the ER last year, and the two nurses that took care of me had the exact same positions and did the same work-- one graduated from Georgetown and the other from GMU....so the one probably paid $35,000 total instate and the other probably over $100,000 at Georgetown!!! But if money isn't an issue then why not try the better program I suppose.

    Hope this helps!
  6. by   bflogrl
    Hi. I just started Marymount this semester in the 2d degree program. I've been living in Arlington for a good while so I will fill you in: The main campus sits on far edge of Arlington in a traditional looking suburb. About a mile away (they run frequent shuttles) is the Ballston campus (still in Arlington) which has a more urban feel because the metro is there and the county is really doing a nice job of developing all the areas around the metro stations with mixed residential/shopping development. Arlington at one time was part of the District of Colombia but the land was not being developed so they gave it back to Virginia. One nice thing about Marymount is that the campus is small and accessible. At both places you can drive there easily and park. I ended up not going to Georgetown because getting there would have been such a headache. Anyway, if you have specific questions about the area, housing, etc. please send me an e-mail.