Nursing school choice/which is best

  1. Hello! I will begin my pre-nursing classes this fall & have a question. There are 2 nursing schools I can chose from when I'm done with my pre, I'm just not sure which is best. They are both well know & highly recommended.
    My first choice is to: take 2 years pre-nursing here at local college, the 2 years at St. John's Hospital Nursing College. The first 2 years is mostly science.
    My second choice is to : take 1 year pre & 3 years nursing at SIUE; which also has a huge medical background.
    I guess my confusion comes from: 1 school is located at a teaching hospital & the other has more hands-on classes.
    I know I will probably apply for both since my first choice only accepts 25 students. There's a chance I won't even be accepted & then the choice would be made for me.
    I just want some advice
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  3. by   Krystin
    Are those the only two choices? You may want to apply to more. I'm in a similar situation. There is only one school where I will live with a nursing program as of December. I have to hope I get in, or it's a short wait list, or plan on doing a different program where I have to hope for a spot at John Hopkins or Vanderbilt(which is WAY too expensive and I am not quite interested in moving to do so).
  4. by   mlo4567
    Well Krystin, there is 1 other college that offers a nursing program. It's just a little farther away from here. Otherwise I'd have to travel quite a bit & with gas prices & putting my daughter through college also-wouldn't be practical. My biggest concern is do I go for 1 with more "book learning" or 1 with more hands-on?:uhoh21: