Nursing History

  1. as you are struggling with your prerequisites and nursing school in general, here is something for you to consider about those nursing students who have traveled this road before you.

    there is a beautiful youtube video that someone made about their grandmother's diary comments while she was in a hospital based diploma nursing program in the 1930's. it truly is precious. i attached a link to the videos called "a nurse in training - parts 1 & 2"
    part 1:
    part 2:

    part 1 is more about getting into the program and part 2 is more about the day-to-day activitites as a student nurse.

    at one time, almost all nursing programs were "diploma programs". you would work at the hospital and the hospital would train you to be a nurse. the ladies (almost all were ladies at that time) lived in dorm like housing at the hospital. it really was a neat process.

    from what i recall, it was a 3 year program. don't get the idea that this was inferior training or easier training, these ladies were well trained. it was tough and fairly militaristic.

    hope you enjoy!
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  3. by   Lady_Vol
    P.S. Really curious about your thoughts about the videos.

    What did you think about the doctor just leaving her (a student) to deliver the baby in Video 2? What did you think about her working in the same hospital for 50 years? I just really thought the videos were cool and would love to hear your comments.
  4. by   LovePeas
    I thought that was totally neat! Thank you for sharing. I've always admired women from that era. I wish NS was done by the hospitals nowadays.
  5. by   Lady_Vol
    I'm glad you enjoyed it.