Nursing entrance essay; any suggestions?

  1. My passion for nursing comes directly from my desire to help others in need. I want to be a nurse because I get personal satisfaction in assisting others and feel I am capable of not only understanding the necessary qualities of a nurse but am able to recognize the patient's perspective. Growing up in a home surrounded by domestic violence, I saw my mother recover from the assaults frequently in hospital beds. As a small child, I idolized the doctors and nursing staff who aided in rebuilding my mother's physical and mental well-being. I will never forget one event when a nurse told me to stay strong and to never lose sight of my hopes and dreams. Since that day, I have often thought of that woman who inspired me to fulfill my goals of becoming a nurse.
    Although at times it has been difficult to balance multiple classes while also maintaining employment, I've demonstrated diligence and a strong performance with each class I've completed. I've learned that a strong work ethic, time management and commitment to my goals of graduating were all aspects to my success. After the completion of my undergraduate degree I can proudly say that I've developed into a strong-willed, assertive leader who is able to evaluate problems and perform critical thinking with ease. My undergraduate education consisted of many opportunities such as speech and interpersonal communication which I believe has allowed me to become confident while interacting with others, written and verbally. In addition, studying sociology gave me relevant skills and knowledge about the infant to adult lifespan and how certain behaviors and thought processes are developed and changed. Overall, my undergraduate education has given me the opportunity to assertivelyapproach my dreams of earning a bachelor's degree in nursing.
    Although my educational background has been a key influence in my choice of career, gaining professional experience in the medical field has also contributed to my aspirations of earning a degree in nursing. Gaining knowledge in chiropractic and veterinary care has sparked my interestand allowed me to understand the qualities that are necessary to be successful within the medical field. I found that developing a patient care relationship and understanding that the patient is the main priority are not only crucial in the healing process but makes the overall experience a more fulfilling one. Furthermore, within my professional experience I was fortunate to see the recovery process from beginning to end, and learned that the patient appreciation makes the entire experience worthwhile.
    Overall,I am confident that my education and professional background have prepared me to pursue my career as a nurse. I believe I stand out from others because my studies and trained experience allowed me to blossom into a motivated leader. In conclusion, growing up surrounded by domestic violence has allowed me to understand the patient's perspective. I believe I have developed the qualities and skills of a nurse through my education and field experience however, more importantly, I am capable of sympathizing with the patient on a personal level. Turmoil and trauma are feelings that can be overcome and I know I have the ability to give others confidence just like the nurse in my childhood memory had done for me.
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