NLN-preadmit Test????

  1. hello to everyone. i have filled out the fafsa and been approved for all. now i have to take the above test. i bought the book to study for the test. i looked through it. i know that nursing school is very difficult. so i understand the importance of this test. i don't understand why geometry is on the test. not to mention some of those words in the vocabulary. a dictionary can work wonders. does anyone have any advise on how to prepare for this test? thanks so much.
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  3. by   IHeartNursing07
    Hi, geometry is on the exam because the schools want to know if we know our basic math...Nursing involves basic math, so no wonder.Hey I prefer geometery over calculus!LOL...Ok...The best way to prepare for this exam is to read the whole book and do every single practice test.Make sure you pace yourself for each exam in the book.I think it's 45 min per sectition .What I found was that the exam was not too challenging except when it came to the verbal and science questions, which involved physics! I never took Physics! There arent alot of questions regarding physics but try to know it vaguley along with chemistry and basic BIO.This test is based on high school stuff.Brush up with your Vocab...there will be alot of words that you never knew as much as you can before the exam. The math section was a joke...not extremely easy..but noot extremely challenging...The hardest parts for me were Chem, Physics and Verbal.Make sure you eat a good breakfast..get good sleep before the exam...make sure you stay healthy by making smart nutrition choices a few weeks before the want to have the most energy you can me..if you have any more questions, pleasssssse don't hesitate to email me..Good Luck!