Nln Help!!!!!!!!!

  1. I'm taking the NLN next Saturday and I'm scared to death. I know it's been discussed and rehashed on here several times but maybe just once more someone can help me. Anyone that has taken this thing recently or anyone that can remember what I really need to be focusing on. I'm horrible at simple math and haven't done too well on the science. Forget the vocab. words...I can't even pronounce half of them. I found out the school I go to requires a 130 to get in--they also look at grades which thankfully last semester I made a 4.0 in my pre-reqs. I have that under my belt but at this point if I DO get in it's still gonna take me until 2009 to graduate and I have NO other pre-reqs to take. My first semester at nursing school will only be 8 hours cause I have all the required classes. As you can see I'm more than freaking out so if ANYONE out there can help, please do. I'll repay your kindness with a friendly thank you! :spin:
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