New part-time job-I'm a tutor!!

  1. I was offered a job by my school, a local community college, to tutor 4 classes this semester! It was really neat b/c I didn't even apply for the position but received a phone call that I was recommended by my instructor. So I am tutoring Micro, A&P I & II, and Psych. I am most excited about the first three classes b/c it will keep the material fresh for me and I plan to start my nursing program in January! I am a final candidate for my 1st choice school and have my interview on Monday with acceptance letters going out in October. I think my new tutoring position will be a good topic to bring up in the interview. Just wanted to share!
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  3. by   Pixiesmom
    Congrats! Sounds like a fun job to keep the material fresh plus you get to help people.
  4. by   jones21498
    Congradulations! That's gotta make you feel good. Your also right. I had ANP1 a year ago and ANP 2 this past spring and I am already like... what is this called??? It should help keep the material fresh in your mind and help you understand it even better than before. You have every right to be on top of the world... that is a pretty high honor.
  5. by   JaxiaKiley
    Tutoring is a great job to help keep things fresh! Congrats
  6. by   semi-fly