New here with a couple of questions.

  1. Anybody here taking the pre-reqs for Methodist or St. Francis CON in Peoria, IL? I'm just getting back to school, have the CNA this summer at the local community college. Also, if anybody has been accepted to either of those, you can pass along advice if you would like. I would appreciate it!

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  3. by   IzzyKat23
    Hiya Steph,
    I have just gotten accepted into both of those schools, St. Francis and Methodist.
    I will have completed all of there pre-reqs by the end of spring 2010 so I am ready to go for their Fall 2010 term. I will be graduating with an AA from a community college but I worked very closely with my advisor to make sure that all of the classes I took a) worked toward an Associate in Arts degree b) met the pre-reqs for all of the central IL nursing schools and she was fantastic!!! I got everything lined up. I am still waiting to hear back from Mennonite and Heartland. I think the best thing to do, especially if you want to go for a BSN would be to speak to your adviser and keep track of everything they give you from day one. Track your classes and make sure that they are what you need to graduate and/or transfer. If you feel uncomfortable w/your adviser (I went through several, until I found someone who worked for me) just make sure you have the info you need and go back and ask someone else. It is your education and your money so go ahead and pester them with questions Even for my last semester I had to go back an double check everything just to make sure one of my classes was going to transfer...but better to be safe than have to do over! Most of the nursing schools need the same thing but each one will need something different and a good adviser will give you the information on this and make sure you get these classes
    Good luck!
  4. by   StephMT
    Thanks! I won't be applying to St. Francis and I'm not so sure about Methodist now. One, I won't have the pre-reqs required by St. Francis. Methodist now has a 4-year, don't have to have the 60 credit hours of pre-reqs or whatever it was. My main thing is the money. I won't get financial aid, so I will probably just go to my community college for nursing, but when I get my ADN, I will then go on to St. Francis or Methodist for my BSN.

    Good luck to you!!!