Minimum GPA to be accepted into CCBC Essex night/weekend nursing program

  1. Does anyone know the minimum GPA accepted in order to enter the CCBC/Essex RN program? I know what the web and catalog says, but I wonder if you know anyone personally, or have heard any hearsay?
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  3. by   Rebekah77877
    This is the million dollar questions, I honestly believe that it all depends on who you are applying against. It could fluxuate between application terms. I have heard a lot of different's easy to get's hard to get in!! I don't think anyone has the real answers. Just do the best you can and meet all the min requirements and cross your fingers. I am currently waiting to hear from the school for the Spring 2010 we shall see Good luck to you
  4. by   ccbc_student
    Thanks so much for your response. I'm applying for the Fall 2010 Evening/Weekend Program. I have a pretty low GPA at 3.4 but I'm also worried about the TEAS because it has been years since I've taken any science courses. I have purchasesd the studyguide so hopefully that will help. I wish you the best and keep me posted.
  5. by   Rebekah77877
    I am sure you will do fine on the TEAS, it was not that horrible. I got a 72% overall and a 95% in the reading. The study guide was helpful except for the science portion. I actually went on youtube and found some basic little lessons on earth science, rocks ext...that proved to be slightly helpful. I think I lost the most points in that section. I went in really worried about the math and I ended up with a 70% in that section. I was going to take it again to try and improve my grade but was having some family issues at the time and didn't really want to put myself through that. I have a pretty good GPA so I figured that would make up for a not so wonderful TEAS score. I am just a sitting duck at this point....can't wait to find out if I get in or not. Best of luck to you Let me know how you do