Mgccc lpn to rn hybrid

  1. Anyone applying to MGCCC LPN to RN transition hybrid class for Summer 18? Or anyone attended? I'm curious on how many people actually apply and is it very competitive??
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  3. by   arpenn777
    Yes, I applied. I will know this week if I'm accepted for summer 18

    I'm not sure how competitive it is. I live out of state (AL)
  4. by   jayesharenee
    Oh ok i thought acceptance letters weren't going out until 2 weeks after the deadline
  5. by   Ncooke
    Has anyone heard if they got accepted or not?
  6. by   Ncooke
    I applied for in class LPN to RN not hybrid but I've had 3 of my friends apply for hybrid. 2 of them got phone calls yesterday asking for their acceptance into the program.
  7. by   jayesharenee
    No i haven't heard anything yet.. i live out of state (LA) so i know they accept in state first
  8. by   jayesharenee
    Did you hear anything today? Someone i know got into the hybrid program also
  9. by   Ncooke
    I still have one friend who has not heard if she is accepted into the hybrid program and has emailed the director but no word from her yet either, the other two have accepted their spot. I still have not heard anything for the in class lpn to rn.
  10. by   Ncooke
    Got my acceptance call today!
  11. by   jayesharenee
    Yayy! I did too, not for the hybrid like i applied for but i was offered a seat in the regular transition class
  12. by   Ncooke
    Did you accept in class? If so I'll see you June 25th!
  13. by   Csimple84
    Hello. I just applied for the LPN TO RN BRIDGE PROGRAM. I was ACCEPTED with a 2.9 NURSING GPA. My overall was a 3.5 cumulative. I had a 62 on TEAS. And all my pre reqs. I had an 18 on the ACT but I took my ACT in 2001 and I was not focused (high school kid ya know.) I begin last week of June. I hope this helps someone.
  14. by   Csimple84
    I got Into the non hybrid also. I will see you there.