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Im a 16 year old student who is currently taking up her BSN or ADN prerequisites in a community college (not yet sure which path to take). does the path towards BSN cost more than that of the ADN?... Read More

  1. by   MB37
    I would keep your grades up right now, and make sure that the CC you are taking classes at right now transfers to the local universities. They usually do, but just make sure. If you're already taking prereqs, get all the basics out of the way early - English, math, and the intro sciences. Get a good base, and then work on A&P, micro, whatever else the BSN program in your area requires. Apply to the university as soon as you can, and go to fafsa.com and fill out the financial aid forms. If you are truly low-income you will qualify for aid. Look into scholarchips through your high school and through the university. My family is not low-income, but they didn't believe in paying for education. Therefore if I wanted to go to college I had to earn it. I got a full scholarship to a fairly expensive private university for my first degree and am paying for nursing school myself. Apply to a lot of schools if you can - they will frequently waive the application fee as well if you can present your circumstances. I agree with the other responders too, try and go for your BSN now if you know it's what you want. Apply for both and see where you get in, but try and go for your dream!