Low gpa lpn vs rn

  1. I have posted similar to this before. I am really trying to evaluate my options here. Here is my scenario:

    Bachelors degree 2.35 gpa (extremely low)
    MBA degree program 3.5 GPA (half finished)
    Science pre reqs retaken 4.0

    Now application deadlines are in October. I have been accepted to an LPN program that starts in September. I am considering this route after reading all the horror stories of people not getting accepted into a RN program. I want to ultimately be a NP before I'm 35 years old.

    My biggest fear is that I wont be able to compete with my past history. I am capable of being a good student. So given my scenario, would you recommend LPN then bridge to RN. Or should I just take my chances applying for RN and getting declined? Is there anyone out there like me that needs a second chance? What would you do?
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