Lee College Fall 2018?

  1. Just curious, is anyone here applying to Lee College for the ADN program for fall 2018 semester?
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  3. by   Alias213
    I recently submitted my application via USPS to the nursing department. Now it's just time to wait and see if I am accepted!
  4. by   Alias213
    Has anyone been called in regards to being accepted to Lee College for Fall 2018 the traditional ADN?
  5. by   IAmNurseMel
    I haven't been called. Did either of you receive an email about fingerprinting?
  6. by   Alias213
    No, I haven't received an email, but I did receive a call from Ms. Nicole to come in and take the HESI. I had not taken it yet.
  7. by   k.long000
    Hi, I applied to the LVN program and was emailed about fingerprinting on Friday and had it done today. Hopefully that's a good sign.
  8. by   Alias213
    That is sounding more like you may have been accepted !
  9. by   k.long000
    I have no clue what Lees process is. Hopefully fingers crossed.
  10. by   Alias213
    Iam not familiar with their process as well. All I have done is taken the HESI when they called since my scores were over a year old. Now is the waiting game. I applied for the traditional ADN.
  11. by   k.long000
    Good Luck!!! I'm going the long way around Lvn then applying to transitional to RN program then RN to BSN. Im currently going to SanJac Central taking Chem1 1 its so competitive.
  12. by   Alias213
    Yes it is competitive. Did you also apply at San Jac?
  13. by   k.long000
    No, I did not just Lees since you have to have your HESI done.
  14. by   Alias213
    Has any one heard anything back from the school yet?