Keiser Flagship Traditional BSN 2018

  1. Hello all!

    I was wondering if anyone has any insight on the traditional BSN program offered at the Keiser Flagship Residential campus in West Palm Beach. I am currently in the application process and have my interview soon, but I have not seen any information whatsoever on the program. Any info helps!
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    For anyone wondering, Dr. White, the program director, is a very sweet lady. The interview is nice and simple. It is one-on-one with Dr. White, and she pretty much wants to know who you are as a person and if you are suited for a job in the nursing field. That is honestly the only information I personally have. If there is anyone out there who is in the program or is currently in the application process, please let us know how things are going!
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    If anyone is looking into this program, I would recommend doing so now. At the Keiser Flagship Residential campus, nursing students are only accepted for core classes during Fall of each year. It is merit-based, so you just need to get a B in your classes, even if they're retaken classes, and a 25 on the Wonderlic, Keiser's entrance exam, to score an interview with the program director! From there on out, it's about whether or not you have the personality and mindset it takes to be a nurse! They also offer scholarships based on GPA and Wonderlic scores which is really nice, and they're renewable scholarships!
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    Has anyone been accepted yet to this program? I am starting the core on August 27th, but I cannot find any forums or pages for accepted students.
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    I was also accepted to the program and start August 27th!
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    I can't seem to find anything on the program yet either for this upcoming semester but I was told by Dr. white she'll be sending out an email the first week of August to inform us on everything hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the update, I received the emails today! Does this mean we need scrubs for the first semester? I was told they were not required till second semester, but Dr. White's emails say otherwise. I'm really nervous, but honestly really excited to start this program!
  9. by   aroseox
    Yes we need scrubs by the second week! I just got majority of my books and supplies yesterday. One pair of scrubs is included in your financial aid but they're about $42 a pair after that. I'm excited and nervous too!! I don't check this often because I don't get notifications when you reply, but if you have any other questions I might have answers! My email address is If you want, email me and I'll send you my number so you can text me anytime!