Kaplan's ADN Program- SLE & KTP Tests

  1. Took the SLE test today and got 30 Needed 24 to qualify.

    Scheduled the KTP test and received the study guides. Looks like its gonna be pretty easy

    Getting very excited !!

    Anyone else planning to or currently in Kaplans ADN program?
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  3. by   shelly96
    Hello, I recently just scheduled my KTP test for next week. Trying to get in this May 2012, I was wondering did the KTP booklet help you on the exam? or should I look into buying the Kaplan nursing school entrance exam book from Barnes and Nobles? Please do let me know if you have the time. Thank you and I appreciate your time reading this and your advise as well! God bless!
  4. by   queen2bee
    Shelly96, i was just curious to know how was the KTP exam? I am going to be taking it soon on May 13th. I received the study guide and it looks like it will not be that hard to get the percentages that i need. I am traveling all the way from Fresno Ca to apply, so anything useful you would be helpful and appreciated!

    Thanks in advance =)
  5. by   queen2bee
    oops i meant may 14th lol
  6. by   fionamarie
    hi! applying as a conditional student in Kaplan San Diego ( to complete 8 units of Medical Surg) for approval to take NCLEX , kaplan told me that I need to pass SLE and KTP.Is it hard to be accepted and what are things I need to study. Really nervous about the exam.
  7. by   yajaira21
    I know this thread is old but any tips for the ktp