Kaplan Pre-Entrance Exam at CCP question

  1. I just took the Kaplan Pre-Entrance Exam at CCP (The Community College of Philadelphia) at the end of the test my overall score was a 69% (91% in reading, 79% in math, 62% in writing and 40% in science) I've heard from different people that this score isn't my actual score and I have to go to a counselor in 24-48 hours to find out my actual score. My question is: does anyone know if this is true, and if so, what do they go by to adjust your score? I've heard people say they take off the science portion if you didn't finish A&P classes so they go by reading, writing, and math. Does anyone know if this is true or have any information for me? Thank you! I'm just anxious to know.
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  3. by   Tryingtosucceed
    Did you ever find out if your score was different?
  4. by   kimd05
    I just took mine today and got a 68%. Did you get your composite score yet? Was it any different from you percentage at the end of the test?
  5. by   MelissaPalermi
    Yes my composite score was a 77, so you should be good!
  6. by   MelissaPalermi
    My percentage score was a 69% which had me worried at first
  7. by   kimd05
    How'd they calculate the composite score?
  8. by   MelissaPalermi
    I personally didn't ask them but my friend did and she said the advisor said "there is no specific calculation, it's different for everyone"