Just finished first A&P test......

  1. I just completed my first A&P test. Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but there were a couple of tricky questions. I know I did good, but I'm not sure how good.

    There were 50 multiple choice questions (a couple true/false), which left me with only 5 to miss to make my goal of 90 (Yes, I actually add/subtract up the max amount of questions I can miss to get an A). I know for a fact I missed one. You know how you stare at a question for so long and still don't know the answer then as soon as you turn in the test you're like "Ohhh, I know the answer now", but then it's too late. Yeah, that happened with that question. As far as the others there were a couple that I was stuck in between two choices and didn't know which answer to pick. I second-guessed myself so many times. They always say stick with your first choice so I TRIED to do that.

    I'm now waiting on results. It probably will be about 2 days before they're posted. -_- Ugh the wait is killing me! I just have to know my grade.
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  3. by   mayninetytwo
    You'll be fine. I just took my first A&P test on chapters 1 and 2 last week. There were some tricky questions that made me doubt myself, and I got a 100! Good luck
  4. by   classy923
    I have my first A&P exam tonight. I can't wait to get it over with. I feel pretty confident. I am just so anxious!
  5. by   __patiently_waiting
    Well, no delay for test grades. They were just posted. I made a 88 -_- I missed one too many questions! Ugh.
  6. by   LL143KnB
    Quote from ♫patiently_waiting❤
    Well, no delay for test grades. They were just posted. I made a 88 -_- I missed one too many questions! Ugh.
    Don't beat yourself up 88 is a really good grade!

    I take my first test this afternoon
  7. by   NurseGirl525
    An 88 is good. I got a 92 on my first one and was extremely excited with that. There were people who got 100 but I am very happy with my 92.
  8. by   ElizabethH736
    An 88 is pretty good for the first test any first test in any class is usually a little bit difficult but that's a good score I just took my first anatomy exam last Saturday and I was so incredibly nervous about it. I studied really hard though. Our first 20 questions were on PowerPoint slides that the professor put on the projection screen. They were all on histology. I actually think I got an A on my exam because I only struggled with about 5 questions on a 100 question exam. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing our grades until Saturday because I'm pretty sure the professor won't post them online :/ I hate waiting around wondering if I really did get the grade I think I did...oh well. Good luck to those who are taking a test today or anytime soon! our hard work will pay off!
  9. by   __patiently_waiting
    Thanks guys!

    I was pretty bummed at first but now I'm ok with the grade because the questions I missed were my own fault. I made TONS of flash cards but I didn't put everything from the study guide on my cards. The ONLY questions I missed were the ones that I didn't put on my cards. Everything on the test was pretty straight forward, straight from the study guide.

    That being said, I know now that even if the study guide is 20 pages long I need to put EVERYTHING in my flash cards. Lesson learned. I feel confident about A&P lecture. I know I'm going to pull an A in the class .. and on the next test Good luck to everybody!
  10. by   nolansmom
    The first test is always tricky. Now you know what to expect