Is it possible for a pre-nursing student w/ cma cert to work as a phleb in a hosp?

  1. I am a 20 yr old CMA (through the AAMA) & I am going to college for my associates in science. I plan on attending a university for a BSN egree. I work at a physicians private office doing mostly clinical work. This is my first job as a CMA and I've been here for 14 months. I draw blood, give injections, dress wounds, etc. I like my job very much and naturally I see it as a stepping stone. I would love to work at a hospital a see a lot more variety. Is it possible for a cma to be hired as a phlebotomist in the northern nj area? I did my internship at the hospital but was hired by one of the soon to be (or so the hospital thinks so) affiliated priv phys. I want to do something interesting and make more money. I want to be closer to the nurses I look up to and excited to go to work everyday. Am I being unrealistic? Please help.

    Ps. I have flxible hours and now I make $13.50 so anything atound that would be fine. I just care about learning more every day and gaining more experience.
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