1. I just wanted to get some opinions. I am currently in school doing my prerequisite for the ADN program but I feel as if it takes so long to get to the reward. Is it better for me to do the LPN program and then bridge over to the RN? Or should I just stick it out stick with my original plan and be patient?
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  3. by   jess.mont
    I don't it will make much of a difference in the amount of time it takes. For example, a local LPN program here takes about 20 weeks to complete. You can get advanced standing at a local CC ASN program, but you still need to take A&P and other pre-requisite and you only get 10 credit hours towards your ASN for your LPN standing. You still need to complete three semesters of nursing courses plus at least one summer session. Plus, the LPN program costs $12,000. Obviously, your costs and available programs will be different, but just work on your pre-reqs and start your ASN or BSN when you're ready.
  4. by   KiwiKatt
    How soon after getting your LPN do you plan on going back to school for your RN? If you're going to go right after then I think you should just stick to the RN program. It will take longer if you bridge over. I have read from others who have done a bridge found that working as an LPN for a while has benefited them when they went to become an RN but this was after gaining work experience.