In the dumps

  1. I'm just writting to vent. I've been working as an insurance agent (bleck!) for nearly 8 years. I absolutely hate it but it pays the bills. In the mean time I've been working on finishing up all my GE and pre-req's. This last semester I took a CNA class on the weekends so I was working, going to school and doing the CNA thing. Going 7 days a week. I take my CNA test this Saturday and am turning in my application to the nursing program tomorrow (praying I get it!). But a really snide, mean, rude, unprofessional conversation with my boss yesterday (who has no idea I'm in school and about to quit as soon as I get a gig as a CNA) left me feeling so annoyed and depressed. I don't know why I let it get to me the way it does. But time after time of being treated like a pos just wears away at you. Now here I am at the end of my time at this job and I allow this to get to me so bad....why? Why am I so concerned with them (I have two bosses a husband and wife) and the way they're continuing to treat me? I feel like a damn fool for allowing it to get to me. Afterall I'm as good as outta here anyway.
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  3. by   andreams
    I would just smile everytime you see him because you know you are going to quit soon. I know it is extremely hard to not let people get to you, but I would personally feel great knowing I was going to be leaving soon.
  4. by   16mm
    Kill 'em with kindness! That's my favorite thing to do!
  5. by   stewartfamily2010
    Thanks you guys. I am really excited to be leaving soon. I wish I knew the exact date I was outta here just so I could make of one those paper chains you make as a kid on the countdown to Christmas. Hehehe