I have never worked or volunteered,where do i start?

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    I am 28yrs old and have decided that iw ant to persue a career in nursing.I would ideally like to read for a degree in nursing a university here in BC Canada but they requirements are bio math and chem which i don't mind writing over as i wrote exams way back in '98 but only did agricultural science and geography as science subjects.thing is it is required to have at least 30hrs volunteer work. I have never done anything, and on a search for health care places here,they want volunteeres with some qualifications. What do i do?
    I am thinking also about doing the pracital nursing and then try to get into university for the degree program,or midwifery school.
    Anyone one with any ideas of how things are done here in Abbotsford BC?
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  3. by   girl.w/useless.b.a.
    I don't know about Abbotsford, but I walked into a nursing home and asked if I could visit people or make crocheted blankets on occasion. Now I find myself driving people to events and on field trips. Ask if you can do something little. If they see you're reliable, they'll often ask you to do more.