How do you study for a test like this?

  1. This might be off's about one of my pre-req classes, so I hope you don't mind...

    In my humanities class, we're having our first test on Wed. It's comparative world cultures, and is team taught by 2 professors. One focuses on Chinese history, and the other European.
    They both have different teaching methods, and ALL are assignments are topic paragraphs/small essays.

    So on Wed....they both gave us a list of 11 topics, each that we've gone over in class. On Wed. they will each pick 4 out of the 11, and we have to pick 2 from each teacher to write topic paragraphs. They didn't tell us which they said we have to know everything...

    I'm looking at this list...and some of them overlap with others, some were mentioned minimally inlectures and some I actually did paragraphs on.
    So far I'm getting an A....but that's because I focus on my notes for the assignments! Now I'm worried!!! How am I supposed to know ALL this information and be able to remember what is for what to write anythign?? I'm pretty nervous about this!!

    I was thinking of going over all my notes and making keywords with each topic...and hopefully go from there... They're both REALLY big on proper sentence structure too!

    Have any of you ever had a test like this?? I havent been in school since HS...which was 7yrs ago!

    Advice...comments?? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   CuriousMe
    First, I would make sure I understand everything.

    If I'm sure I understand all the concepts, then I go on to learn the facts. I'm a big flashcard kind of person. So, whenever I need to learn a lot of facts, I make flash cards out of my notes (look at the notes and create test questions, then answer the question on the back of the card) this will help you to think about the material in a different way as you work to create the questions, and then of course the material will be reinforced as you study the cards as well. It's time intensive, but I get great results.

    Good Luck!