1. I took my HESI test today, I'm so confused - this is first time our school is using such a test for an entrance exam. My problem is no one at the testing site could tell me what a passing score would be. Is there usually a passing score or will they just used this test along with GPA to rank you for entrance into the program??
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  3. by   camiluvsNURSING
    When I took the HESI, at the end they printed out our scores for each section and each score was combined and the average was our score. From what I understood a passing score is a 70 or higher, it just depends on what score your school feels is acceptable to be accepted into their program. Check with whoever was the test proctor and ask If you can have a copy of your scores.

  4. by   jitters
    Thanks that helps. What a relief to hear that! Now I have to play the waiting game I guess.
  5. by   robynnelpnstudent
    I realize that this post was made years ago, but I thought I would bump it up to the top to give information to people who might be taking the HESI test in the near future. The score to be able to pass nationally is 70 or higher. It can differ from what your school requires of you to enter a program. I have heard of some schools who just use the HESI test to evaluate what you need to work on once you actually get into nursing school. It would be best for you to ask your admissions advisor what the requirement is for your individual school. Good luck on the HESI test, and don't be discouraged if you don't pass it the first time.