Help! Teas Scores!

  1. I am re-posting this.

    I'm taking a survey for those that take this for Nursing pre-admission, what scores their schools are looking for.

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  3. by   jones21498
    I got an 89.4 on my TEAS and just got accepted into an ASN program at a local, yet very competitive, community college. They do factor in points for four subjects as well, ANP 1 & 2, Psychology, and English. I had all of my General Education classes completed, except for 4 credit hours. I know they aren't suppose to use this but you get one additional point for each of these classes completed in the event of a tie. I hope this helps.
  4. by   maryshome8
    This particular CC that I am applying for is sort of vague about it's requirements, they are up front on how they do the point system, but no one but the school has the matrix they use to calculate it.

    I am applying this year, b/c even though by next year, I'll have all of the pre-req's done, they give you 5 extra points if you met the basic requirements and didn't get in...they don't hold over a wait-list like many schools do.