Help, should I retest

  1. I am soo very frustrated. I took the TEAS on Friday and passed. I was very happy until my bubble busted. I attend Ivy Tech in Gary. ( Honestly, I hate
    that school)
    No one seems to know anything. I ask questions and everyone tells a different story. GGRRR. Anywho, my composite score was 76.5%. The deal with them is the same as the other Ivytech's. THey take the composite score and add it to the grades. My grades are A's for the pre-req's so I will be getting all the available points for those. Should I retest. I don't know what to do. Hey I thought a counselor was suppose to counsel you. Any help from you guys would be GREATLY appreciated.
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  3. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    Your "Adjusted Composite Score" is your raw score, before it gets curved. Most schools use the "Percentile Rank-Program" score which should be considerably higher than 76.5%. It's usually the second highest number on your scoring profile. Your true score is probably closer to 85%. Try emailing the nursing division office of the college you want to apply to, they usually are pretty good with quick answers like, "which teas score do you use?" Also, when you go onto the ATI testing website there is a screen you can print out that explains what each of the test scores mean.
  4. by   mommy_xo
    actually, the TEAS "adjusted composite score" does include the curve. your "adjusted composite score" is composed of the number of questions you answered correctly divided by the total number of questions on the test, which is then adjusted for the difficulty of the test form taken. they give out several different test forms (some easier, some harder), so they have to adjust it accordingly so everyone's tests are somewhat equivalent when graded.

    in the CSU (california state university) system, they all use the adjusted composite scores as one of the criteria to determine your stance for the nursing program. the "percentile rank - program" score is only showing how your adjusted composite score is ranked among the other students' scores (either the same as your score or lower) who took that test with you at your school.

    congrats on your passing grade! i would suggest you retake the test though because who knows, what if you get a higher score? it's better to just pay another test fee and spend another extra day retaking the test rather than waiting another semester in case your test score isn't high enough.

    from personal experience, i received a high score on the TEAS, but decided to retake it juuuust in case i could get higher, and i did (my school is extremely competitive to get in). i'm really glad i had the opportunity to retake the test. plus, taking it the second time helped calm my nerves and i wasn't as nervous. good luck!
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  5. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    Sounds like you have more complete information than I do, Mommy_XO....which got me worried about my own TEAS score.

    However, when I called CSU East Bay again to reverify which score they used, I was told again that the "compsite score" was the base score and that they only look at the "percentile rank-program" score.

    At CSU East Bay, the TEAS is worth 40 points (50pts for GPA, 5 for work-in-industry, 5pts for another language). Given that my "percentile rank program score" is very high and should give me close to 40 points, I don't feel compelled to retake my TEAS....that's if I'm being given correct info from the advising staff at CSU East Bay Nursing Office.

    You sound very knowledgable Mommy_OX, and if what you are saying is true, that the CSU system actually uses the composite score. Then, I should defintely retake the TEAS to get that composite score as high as possible.

    I've just spent a whole semester retaking my Englishes and Stats just to move B's from my old degree into A's, so I'm not about to lose points over a four hour test!

    I wish I could remember my log on ID to I remember a page that specifically detailed what each of these scores mean. And, from this definition page, it was fairly easy to tell which score the nursing programs are most likely to use. I'm curious where you (Mommy_XO) obtained the info that the CSU system uses the "composite score?"

    Please let me know if anyone has more info. I thought I had the whole TEAS thing checked off my list of things to do....and now I am not so sure.

    At any rate, I'm not going to get myself worried about it now. I need to study for finals (and am obviously finding other things to worry about....displaced anxiety maybe). I have until Spring to retake the TEAS if I have to. Hopefully I won't have to though.

    Good wishes to all.
  6. by   mommy_xo

    i guess each individual CSU uses different TEAS scores. i was told by SDSU's nursing department that all schools used the same TEAS score, but apparently not since your school is using the "percentile rank - program" score. i attend CSULB and they use the "adjusted composite score" so i thought what SDSU told me was true. sorry if i scared you haha, but go with what your nursing department is saying.

    good luck!