Have you taken Organic Chemistry Online?

  1. Hello! I need to take Organic Chemistry this summer. I originally planned to take the Medical Organic Chemistry I course through UNE but I found an online organic chem. course through Berkeley. http://extension.berkeley.edu/catalog/course379.html It happens to be slightly cheaper. ( I am paying out of pocket.) I am wondering if any of you have taken classes through either of these Universities? Could you please tell me about your experience and if you recommend either one? Also how difficult did you find it taking organic chem. online? I have been told "it's so hard, take it in person." Unfortunately that is not an option for me so I must take it online. Thank you for your time and feedback!
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  3. by   l33tnewb11
    I wouldn't recommend taking Ochem online. It is a DFW class. This means that over 40% of the class will make a D, fail, or withdraw from the class. Online classes often do not transfer either, if that will be an issue.
  4. by   makingstrides
    I took Organic Chemistry online two semesters ago. I passed with a " B" and didnt even know how to balance a simple equation( I know). If your test taking/ using your resources skills are good, you'll pass.
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  5. by   strife317
    Dear Makingstrides,

    I'm considering taking Ochem online due to my current work schedule and was wondering which school that you had taken Ochem with?
  6. by   bravera
    When you take an online class, you typically sign a waver stating that you will not use alternative resources during an exam. Some schools implement systems that monitor your browser activity while taking exams. Some schools can even gain access to any webcams on your machine. I highly suggest not cheating, if not only for the chances of being caught, but for the lack of morality in the choice. You are only harming yourself, I hope, and not future patients. It will catch up to you.

    As far as online classes go, it requires a great deal of self-discipline. I did not take organic online, but I took lifespan development online. The content we were tested on seemed much more specific than it would have been in a classroom setting, and my "professor" was not available for assistance at all. Also, some schools will not accept online science courses, so be wary of that.
  7. by   HammockBound
    I took Chemistry for health sciences online. It was a combo organic chemistry class. It wasnt too bad. I had to watch a lot of you tube videos to understand what the book didnt teach. My teacher taught nothing. I found the organic chemistry wasn't as bad as I thought. It really builds so you have to learn each step.
  8. by   amardir
    can someone give me feedback from UNE for organic chem 1 and 2 ..thanks