Have you taken the THEA (TASP) test?

  1. i took the thea test recently, and it took me all 5 hours. i was exhausted. and i haven't taken a standardized test in years. i felt like i kicked butt.

    i think the multiple choice writing section was the easiest. and i went through that section pretty fast!! english is my thing. hehehe. i've had a lot of people think i was an english major. so anyways, now i'm waiting for my results!!!

    has anybody else taken the test? how do you think you did? what was the easiest / hardest section for you?
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  3. by   littytenny
    the easiest section was the math.i had 277 in the maths.266 in reading,5 in the writting sample and 22o in writtting section(multiple choice)