Has anyone heard from Regis University?

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    Has anyone heard from Regis University in Denver, CO? I applied to the accelerated BSN program and have not heard a peep out of them. Their application deadline was Feb 15. I was just wondering if they sent out admission letters or were conducting interviews. I called the office twice and they said that they would be sending out status letters this week. I'm worrying because I haven't heard from any of the schools that I've applied to yet. I've applied to Samuel Merritt College, MSU, Regis, Long Beach State University, and two of my local community colleges that have a 2 year wait.

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  3. by   gdelrosa
    I just checked the website for admission status. It says I'm admitted for spring 2006. The term starts in Jan. I'm very excited!
  4. by   shoehorses
    Congratulations!!...I am sending in my application for the May 2007 term and I wanted to know if you knew how competitive the program is and also what the deal was with this waitlist I read on other threads. All your help will be appreciated!!