Gwynedd Mercy ABSN Fall 2018 (Philly Campus)

  1. In March, I submitted my application for the Fall 2018 cohort of GMU's ABSN program. When I applied, I told the school that I would prefer the center city Philly campus, but would gladly commute to Bensalem if that was the only way I could get in. I was told on March 27th that my application has been submitted for review. It is now June 14th and I haven't heard anything from them. I called my advisor this week, and she said that she hasn't heard anything either.

    My undergraduate GPA was a 2.45 from UPitt, but my nursing prerequisite GPA is a 4.0. I am curious if anyone else's admissions decision took FOREVER. Also, do you all think I actually have a shot at acceptance with a 4.0 for pre-reqs, but a 2.45 undergrad? I know the center city campus is really competitive, especially for the fall, and it seems like a lot of people on this site have already been accepted for Fall 2018.
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  3. by   Hnr228
    I think it's possible to get accepted with the GPA you have, as long as you wrote a strong personal statement. My undergrad GPA was a 2.68, and my prerequisite GPA is a 4.0 too. I'm not sure if getting in for Fall start is viable though, both campuses have already had orientation. I would suggest following up with your admission counselor and trying for January start. Good luck!