Got my tetanus shot today...

  1. And OW! Fifteen hours later and I can't sleep it's throbbing so much. I also started Hep B and it's sore but I feel like my dang tetanus shot arm is going to fall off. I am getting a TB test Monday and trying to dig up my childhood immunization records (I'm 39...they are probably chiseled in a stone tablet somewhere) to prove I had the polio vaccine. If not, it's a $300 blood test to show I had it. Also have to get varicella if I can't prove I had chicken pox and have to get a flu shot in September. Anyone else having to get all these shots?
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  3. by   Kathy08
    Got my shot record and now just waiting to see what I need. Lets hope its cheap and my insurance covers it!
  4. by   HammockBound
    I had the Tdap about 8 months ago and started the hep. a & B combo series. I just finished my last of those. I just got the nurses to give me the blue form with my shots. I get the flu shot yearly at Publix so I have to stop there and get that proof when I need it. As far as the other blood tests..I plan on getting those with my next blood test. I figured I will throw it in sometime in the next 6 months. Besides that...I have no clue how to get those old records. If you had a baby you can ask the OB for your Rubella. They usually run that.

    And yes. TDap was painful. Mine was very sore for days.
  5. by   Trenata
    Oh, that is true, I hadn't thought of getting rubella results from my midwife/OB. I am dreading having to get any vaccines - so I will probably get as many titers as I can.