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  1. Hello! I'll preface this with the fact that I attended Columbus State Community College for 3 quarters last year in attempts to complete some pre-requisites before applying into a nursing program. I graduated high-school in 2007, so I figured this was the best angle to tackle this. Simultaneously, I was working as a PCA in a local level one Trauma Hospital at the time. Long story short, I was an working an average of 60-75 hours per week in order to handle some pretty hefty bills at the time and had little to no focus to devote to my studies. Needless to say my college transcript is a mess. I've attempted 81 credit hours but only have completed 17. Most of my classes are withdrawals, and there are 4 classes at which I did not withdraw in time and received incompletes in (or E's). The 4 classes I did complete are mostly A's and B's. In addition to this my high school GPA isn't so hot either (2.64). All of my classes were accelerated and advanced classes, I was just young and didn't have the motivation to try. Again, long story short, my community college has placed me in financial aid restrictions and I can no longer use any form of government loan or aid to pay for my classes. I explained to my financial aid adviser that this is my ONLY means of payment for my education. There is an absolute 0% change of getting a private loan. My family is not in a financial position to handle that currently. Her advice for me was to have a fresh start and apply to a different college in hopes that they don't find my previous college transcript.

    MUS-101 004 Hist Western Music W 0.00 12SPCR Quarter Term
    MUS-102 002 Intro to Vocal Tech W 0.00 12SPCR Quarter Term
    SOC-101 W06 Intro to Sociology W 0.00 12SPCR Quarter Term
    CHEM-100 H01 Intro to Chemistry D 4.00 12WICR Quarter Term
    ENGL-111 W01 English Composition E 0.00 12WICR Quarter Term
    HIMT-121 W04 Adv Med Terminology E 0.00 12WICR Quarter Term
    BIO-101 W04 Intro Anat & Physiol W 0.00 11AUCR Quarter Term
    CHEM-100 H02 Intro to Chemistry W 0.00 11AUCR Quarter Term
    ENGL-111 W02 English Composition W 0.00 11AUCR Quarter Term
    HUM-270 W01 Comparative Religion W 0.00 11AUCR Quarter Term
    MATH-104 013 Intermediate Algebra W 0.00 11SPCR Quarter Term
    MUS-101 001 Hist Western Music E 0.00 11SPCR Quarter Term
    MATH-135 001 Elementary Statistic W 0.00 11WICR Quarter Term
    SOC-101 W11 Intro to Sociology E 0.00 11WICR Quarter Term
    MULT-135 001 Basic Pca/Msp Train Wkfor A 4.00 10SPCR Quarter Term
    MULT-128 001 Intro Patient Care Wkforc B 5.00 10SPCR Quarter Term
    PSY-100 019 Intro to Psychology W 0.00 07WICR Quarter Term
    MATH-103 024 Beginning Algebra II B 4.00 06AUCR Quarter Term

    Since then I've paid off most of my financial burden and am ready to put my full focus into a nursing program. I know many people have the same sob story, but I can't imagine there is no option for a second chance here.

    I applied to Chamberlain College of Nursing, Columbus campus. Does anyone know if it is difficult to get accepted? Also, I spoke with a Chamberlain adviser and was informed that they do not base your acceptance off of your college GPA if you've completed less than 24 credit hours (in my case I've completed 17). So I did not include this info on my application. Do they have a way of finding this out? I've heard rumors that there is a database that colleges can use to search for individual students past college history/transcripts, but who knows the truth behind that. I have a friend who was recently accepted into their nursing program who did not include two of her previous college transcripts on her application and they never found out. Could this be the same for my situation? This is pretty much my last shot so I don't want to hinder my chance of acceptance one way or the other.

    Thanks again for all of your insights!
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