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  1. I plan on attending the LVN program at Galen in the Fall but I haven't really heard that many reviews about the school. Any input would be much appreciated- I would hate to drop all that money for a mediocre education! Thanks!
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  3. by   medsurgtrenchesRN
    I have been checking out all the various local nursing schools in case I don't get in to Baptist and I went to Galen last week. It was a very nice building, all the latest technology and equipment, and wow what a laboratory! But the cost of the school blew me away. After all $5350 in grants, I would still have to take out loans or work and pay for $11,000 in tuition to get my LVN!!! And there are no books, uniforms or other fees included! Not only that, they wouldn't tell me if my pre-requisites from ACCD would apply towards their ADN program. They didn't even ask me about my gpa or anything else.

    But then, lol, I went to Texas Careers, took the HESI, brought my official transcripts, and they didn't seem to even care about anything but enrolling me! And then, I found out tuition for their LVN program is 24k!!! It does include books and a uniform but holy cow!

    So the wake-up call for me is that schools are businesses. I was so excited to get the grants, and so discouraged that it only applies to a fraction of the tuition for a lot of these schools! I think it will be public schools for me if I cannot get into a work-study at Baptist, or get a position somewhere that will help me with my tuition. I don't want anymore loans than I have to have.

    I wish you the best of luck at Galen. Their NCLEX scores look competetive, so you should be fine. It's all about what you make of it, I think. Once you get that license, you are a nurse. Good luck at Galen! It really is a beautiful school!
  4. by   sonkissed08
    hello! well im also starting at galen in the fall...classes start aug 3rd and i couldnt be more excited! after i had my daughter i wanted to stay home with her for at least a year,so thats what i did. stayed home with her and went to school to get my rn pre reqs out of the way. i have every intention of getting my adn at galen so im planning on getting pretty comfy there,after all it will be 2 yrs before im done! well are you ready for classes to start...about 5 wks!