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Hello everyone, I have been avid follower of this site for a long time and decided make it official and join. I am not sure if someone has posted something like this already, but I decided to do it... Read More

  1. by   kayruhh
    Quote from KAC123

    I too have been rejected 5 times... I was just recently admitted to Elmhurst college : ) i thought about giving up after the 5th rejection but I figured I'd come too far to just throw in the towel.
    I guess it was a smart idea to not give up!
    You will get an acceptance letter sooner or later! Don't give up, it isn't worth it : )
    Good luck!!!
    I actually got accepted into an ADN program! My orientation is in two days. I'm so excited.
  2. by   dsf43
    Quote from mandy_17
    dsf43 You have given me hope that I can do better and work as hard as i can to get into the nursing program. I had felt like a failer, like nursing was not for me because of how i did in my prereqs earlier. I had a hard year where I lost my neice my grandfather and both grandmothers. I had not taken anytime off from school since i graduated high school in 2009. I finally too the summer off to heal and get a fresh start again. Ever since I was a little girl I always told my mom I want to be neonatal nurse and work with mommies and babies. I even volunteered in the Nursing Unit and Emergency Room. I loves it I got to see what R.N do! It only makes me want to work in a hospital even more! I tried apply for jobs in hospital but I did not get anything. If you could give me a little advice on how you took that approach in getting a job in the hospital? Thank you so much for writing your story you honestly have given me hope. Reading your story made me thing that their is no need to rush and people make mistakes but it is up to us to make the changes and work hard for what we want.
    I would be happy to help you out! To be honest, I just applied to whatever job openings the hospital near me had that applied to me and didn't need additional requirements/licenses. I also had a very professional resume, so that might have been what caught their attention and gave me the interview. Once I got the interview, that job was mine. How is your resume looking?
  3. by   Izonme
    Very nice post and very encouraging. You were very persistent and it paid off. Good luck to you and thanks for your words of wisdom!
  4. by   futurenursegirl14
    Thank you for such a positive post! It seems it is so easy for some to get into a nursing program, and for those of us that may have to work and try harder it can be discouraging. It's nice that you used your voice to lift others up and encourage them to follow their hearts and dreams. I needed this!!