First timer here. PAX-RN question (be kind :)

  1. I'm 35 and heading back to school. I'm starting school this fall, getting my non-ADN classes out of the way. After talking to the director of the nursing program, it sounds as if I'm going to have to score in the high 140's to mid 150's on the PAX to get in to the ADN program for Fall '08. Otherwise, I'll likely get in in '09.

    I really want to start it next year for the continuity of it all, so it is paramount, to me, to score highly on my PAX this December.

    Now it's been 10 years since I graduated from school the first time and I only took 1 college level science class (Human Structure and Function). However, I've always been a very good test-taker, particularly on aptitude tests like the PAX-RN.

    I'm not worried in the least about the Verbal section. That has always been my ace in the hole. I would be very upset if I missed more than 2 or 3 out of the 40.

    Math I can cram and refresh with old textbooks.

    But I'm a bit concerned about the science. I mean, I have a basic understanding of all the different topics to be covered (I'm a Discovery channel addict) but I need to know just how in-depth the chemistry and biology sections are for this test.

    I'm going to study like crazy for this test. I have a light course load for this fall and I should have plenty of time to devote to it. So I need to determine where to focus my independent study for the science section. I've got 7 months and I believe I can do it, but I need some direction here.


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  3. by   DesertRain
    Hey Jason,

    First of all let me just say that I commend you on your decision to pursue Nursing. Second of all, this is definitely the right place to come to with questions and support. Third of all, I wouldn't worry so much about the science. Honestly, there wasn't much on the exam that I had learned in college. Most of it was really highschool level science, like earth science and basic anatomy and physiology. The RN Pre-Entrance Exam study guide by Macdonald will give you a good guideline for the types of questions that they ask, however I found that it is really just a guideline and what you might want to do is study that and then get a good idea of what kind of questions will be asked. My concern is the 140's-150's score. The highest you can score is 160 so they are expecting next to perfect. If you go to the section above (sticky's) under "NLN Results" you can get a good idea of how people studied and the scores they got. There is probably some good advice and head's up tips in that post so when you get a minute go through that and maybe you can see what you might need to do.

    GOOD LUCK and best wishes for your new career!
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    I thought the max score was 163?

    Also, they don't actually require a 150 score. The problem is, they are backed up with students trying to get in. Every year you wait, you get 20 extra points added on along with various other coursework considerations. Add that to your NLN score and you get an aggregate score which is used to determine who gets in that year. Basically, in order for me to beat out some others who have waited an extra year or two, I'm going to have to score very highly, which is my goal. A score around 130 probably gets me in for '09 and a 110 or so would likely get me in for '10. So if I don't want to sit out a year (and I don't) I need to score around 150.

    I believe this is within my abilities. If I don't believe that, I will have already failed to do so. I will check into the book to mention to guide my studies.
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