Financial Aid

  1. GRRRRRRRRR.... anyone else hate filling out financial aid forms? My school's Fin aid dept if of NO use at all... it is like talking to a brick wall only to get put on hold and then have to re-tell the story to someone who once again does not know what they are doing! I am about to pull my hair out!

    I have never applied for fin. aid before and was told that it was pretty easy... fill out the application and poof you are done... yeah right I am not that lucky!

    Sorry... just needed to vent... back to trying to figure out this stupid form...
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  3. by   grinnurse
    :angryfire I can not tell you how I detest the people at the school that I attend! I attend ADN program so they don't have FA officer on that campus so you have to do it all at another one. You are correct in saying that they are no help at all!! Everytime I left her office I wanted to slit my wrists :angryfire . Not only did she try to belittle everyone that went to her but she was sooooo unorganized and I would have to fill out the same piece of paper two/three times...........I finally got so frustrated this last year that I didn't bother with it........I did write a letter to the President of the CC and of course got NO response. She was this way with all the "older" students!! Glad I have not had to talk to her in almost a year.......The counselors throughout the whole CC are about as help as well . Wish I could say it gets better but unfortunately it didn't in my case. I gave up on the phone calling though and went in person-btw, she didn't make appointments either!!! Rude, Rude, Rude...............................
  4. by   Glimmer
    i am so glad that it wasnt just me having problems with the fa people. i really was thinking i was crazy. i tried to go down there in person and found out that they have awkward office hours so i will try again tomorrow.

    the worst part of it is that the fa office has one person in it who supposedly knows what she is doing... and the rest are students working on campus taking the paperwork.

    it really bugs me when an office that handles so much paperwork that is important can not be more organized. i was furious the last semester i went to school because the va lost my paperwork... when i asked how they cold loose it i was given no explanation... except "its not in your file" which really ticked me off! not only does it make me mad that my paperwork isnt there and i have to fill it out again but that paperwork also has my ss# as well as my fathers ss# on it because it was being filed through the military.

    this is the same school that lost my hs transcripts as well... ugh...