Evolve Reach A2 vs TEAS

  1. Hi, I've already taken the TEAS test and plan to take the Evolve Reach A2 test soon. The TEAS test review study guide was excellent and prepared me well. However, I can't find an Evolve study guide that has received great reviews. If the TEAS test is similar to the A2, I'll just use the TEAS guide.

    Anyone suggestions?
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  3. by   soul2quz
    I took the Hesi - evolve A2 a few months ago and I used the evolve reach admission assessment exam review. I reviewed the book for 2 weeks, and scored a 90.22%. And I'm a student who hates chemistry and at the point had not taken human anatomy. Its a great book, just review.

    What book did you use for the TEAS test? I'm taking mine at the end of the summer, and could really use some recommendations, i'm really nervous about it.
  4. by   TisTastyTea
    I used the official ATI study guide available here: http://www.atitesting.com/onlinestor...pingCart.aspx#
    Did you use the Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam Review by HESI?
  5. by   soul2quz
    Yes thats exactly the book I used.
    Did you use any other supplemental book? If you don't mind me asking, how did you do on the TEAS?
  6. by   TisTastyTea
    I got an 89. One problem with the book is that it doesn't cover some odd science questions.
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  7. by   sblueinnon
    Yes, the evolve reach admission assesment study guide by HESI has terrible reviews.
    Is there anything else that helps prepare you for the test that people found was actually a good prep for the evolve a2? are there any sites that have online practice tests?
    thank you
  8. by   soul2quz
    I just ended up using the HESI review book, and I looked up what other people posted about it. And if theres a subject you know your weak in, I would recommend finding other material as well (usually just online practice sheets) to go over it. I studied for about 2 weeks, usually an hour or so a day and I scored 99%. I'm sorry I no longer have the websites I used but just trying googling Evolve practice.