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  1. Im new to this site, I'm not really sure where to post this but i have a few questions?
    First off i'll explain a few things about myself first. I am 20 and dropped out in 10th grade, worst mistake of my life so far. 2 months ago i up and decided i was letting my dream of becoming a nurse slip right out from under me so i decided to take GED classes and try n pass the test after a month. Needless to say I had a month 2x a week to study and I did it! Now for the entrance requirements is where i am stumped. I have to a mininum score of 36 on my algebra and a 69 on my writing. I passed the writing with a 78 but i got a 25 on my algebra, im so dicouraged because i've taken the test 4 times with what i thought was no struggle but i was wrong and i cant seem to get it! I did score high enough to get into the prequisite course that i need but not high enough to get into the nursing program on my compass. My question is by taking that pre req course, will it help me to pass and get what I need? Have any of you had to re-test after a semester math class to get what u needed for entrance requirements? i'm so discouraged, I've wanted this for as long as I can remember and now I'm stuck. my mom is a nurse and I've been volunteering where she works and I've found that i want to purse a nursing career so much. Any advice would be helpful
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