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Can anyone give me insight on this ? I got the study guide .. Supposedly we only have to take the reading and math.... Read More

  1. by   ArtofGrace

    The Hesi covered a little bit of medical vocab, like the basics, and also included a lot of reading, grammar, and other vocab. If you have ever taken an advanced vocabulary class, these types of words would appear on the exam.
    I hope that helps! If you have more questions, feel free to write back. : )
  2. by   smm1901
    I have never taken any vocab classes...what is the best way to study for this?! Also, when it comes to grammar, is it like sentence structure or what? I am just trying to find out what to study!! Thanks!
  3. by   ArtofGrace
    Honestly, I would review anything and everything you can get your hands on- that means basic grammar to advanced vocab, to sentence structure to med terms...study it all! What I did was I went to Amazon and bought about 3 of the best (checked which ones had the best reviews) pre nursing entrance exam books. These books cover just about everything you need to know in order to be prepared for this test.
    Do not go into this test studying lightly. While this test does have a lot of easy or not so hard questions, it also does have questions that you can only answer if you have studied a lot.
    My sister in law and I studied for about 2 weeks straight. I didn't really watch tv at all, I pushed any design work I had aside and literally studied a lot! It's far better to over prepare than to not be prepared enough.

    Sorry to ramble! I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!
  4. by   armyywifeyy
    I just took the Hesi today! It was SO much easier than I thought. I studied from the evolve study guide and literally every single thing (down to the exact vocab words) were in the book. And I only went over the book two days before the test and got an overall 91.88 ) The math was VERY basic. We didn't get to use a calculator, but doing it long hand wasn't a problem. Just brush up on your ratios, fractions, decimals ... ect. And everything else (minus chem & anatomy) was VERY common sense. Good luck Oh, and each section was 55 questions and I finished in about two hours.
  5. by   smm1901
    Thanks that is very helpful!! I take it next Saturday so I'm going to spend my weekend cramming! I'll post an update after the test. Thanks again for the info!
  6. by   lucylu 777
    HESI the easiest test you will ever take in nursing.Really basic stuff, and you can use calculator if you taking computerized test, hurry take the test before they change it to something else.
  7. by   wifemom&lpn2be
    I took my entrance hesi exam yesterday. I had to take math, grammar, vocab & reading comprehension for a lpn program. Eash test was 55 questions, probably 40 multiple choice and 15 fill in the blank. I studied the blue and yellow evolve book that the college gave me. I thought it was pretty easy, everything from the book - no surprises. Math portion had questions on roman numerals and how many pints in a quart etc. Grammar had alot of their vs. there, its vs. it's, amoung vs. between etc. Also if you have that book, study the 2 or 3 pages of vocab in the middle - those words were in different areas of the test. I got a 96% overall with a 100% in grammar in 69 minutes! : )

    Good luck!
  8. by   crazytmogirl
    Thank you for sharing this information. I'm excited to take my test knowing that it isn't super difficult!
  9. by   Jawna23
    It was very easy, epsecially the math. The entrance HESI is all basic stuff BUT I only did well because I studied. You don't need to study for hours and hours; just brush up on things like conversions and decimals for math. I rushed through the reading part and could of got a better grade if i hadn't so take your time there. Either then that a study guide is a waste of time for things like the A&P part of the exam.
  10. by   NAM123
    hi everyone..

    i am taking my hesi exam this friday... i have studied every day for 4 hr or maybe even more. i left my social life and ignored my family for this test. i really need some one to give me last few words about this test. i dont know what to expect for a &p since alot of people thought it was hard. believe it or not..i suck at reading comprehension part because i get bored reading boring things and then i dont may attention. is reading comprehension part simple and easy to find the answer?

    any suggestion would help me alot. please help..

    thank you
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  11. by   crazytmogirl
    There were some tricky questions on the reading comprehension part.
  12. by   livelikegold
    i took the hesi exam in june at central texas college there we had to test in math, reading & vocabulary with 70% or better i did great with the help of the Elsevier study guide. i passed with 89% or better in every subject. now im very concerned about pharmacuetical calculations and the lvn program as a whole..... help does anybody know what to expect as a lvn student at central texas college or anywhere else
  13. by   maslibertad
    I will be taking it this coming spring and I thank you all for providing insights on how to study for it
    Is there calculus in the test? What is the highest level math in it?