Economics VS. Statistics

  1. Hello everyone,
    Does anybody know the difference between Economics & Statistics? Is it the same, or is one course harder than the other?:uhoh21: Thanx in advance for any advice!!
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  3. by   Love Coronado
    I dropped economics, it talked a lot about politics and how our economy works and a lot of terms and I found it completely boring. Statistics is equally boring, but more "Math". Statistics asks questions like if there are 2 red marbles, and 3 blue marbles in a sack what is the probability you will pick out a red marble, but it gets more complicated. At my school I think Econ is a humanities, and Stats is a math class. I think it just depends what you need.
  4. by   llg
    The study of Economics concerns itself with the mechanics and issues of our economy -- the financial environment, the production of goods and services, the monetary value of those goods and services, monetary policy, etc.

    Statistics is the study of using mathematics to descibe things and to make judgments about the probably of events happing by chance vs happing because of some identifiable causative agent. For example: Did the patients get better by chance or was treatment A really better than treatment B? What is the typical growth pattern of children? etc.

    The two subjects are totally different -- though a lot of economics courses use statistics to describe and make judgments about the economy.
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  6. by   MB37
    And statistics is required by most BSN programs, whereas econ would probably just fill a liberal arts/humanities requirement. I've taken micro and macro for my previous degree. Neither was a fun class, although I liked macro better than micro. I minored in business, so they were required. I think I got an A in macro/A- in micro, so I did fine, but they're pretty dry unless you're really into that kind of thing. Also, at some schools they are calculus-based, so make sure you know what you're getting into if you sign up for it.
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    Thanks for your advice everyone!!:spin: