Discouraging People

  1. I just want to vent a little and felt what better place than with nursing students like myself? My aunt is just a very mean, selfish, and jealous person. I recently started school at OCC (Go Raiders!) for my ADN RN degree. My aunt is just constantly telling me and my mother how it's not a real degree program, I'm never going to get a job, or I'm going to fail. I lost my job as a Lab Assistant and that was what made me decide to go back to school and be a nurse. I've always wanted to be a nurse, I just could never afford to go to school or find the time to go with having my kids and working nights(7pm-3:30 am). I feel like now is my time. I'm just so sick of hearing her hate on what I'm doing. The rest of my family supports me, why can't she? I keep thinking maybe she's jealous because she's a 40 yr old CNA and I'm doing something to better myself. I'm going to school also because how can I tell my kids to go to college if I didn't go? It's important to me that I'm a role model to my children. I'm never going to be discouraged and give up on being a nurse. I feel the ADN is the first step in my nursing career. Does anyone else deal with people in your family or friends who are jealous because you want to be a nurse and a better person?
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  3. by   Nursing2102
    Although I am sure you value her opinion because she is your aunt, that doesn't mean she has to hate on you for what you are doing. Jealous or not... don't let her words discourage you.

    Do what makes you happy. Your aunt lived her life already- now you live your's the way you want to.
  4. by   SentimentalGeek
    Quote from dianell328
    I keep thinking maybe she's jealous because she's a 40 yr old CNA and I'm doing something to better myself.
    You may be on to something there. You could try encouraging her to further her studies. Don't let her get you down, stay positive and maybe by encouraging her if that's something she wants to do would show her that support is the way to go, not dragging each other down. If she's not interested, then just let it go in one ear and out the other. We can't control other people's actions or words, but we CAN control how we react to them and let them affect our own lives.
  5. by   chipotle707
    I was in the same situation as you 18 years ago. I had an aunt who used to discourage me telling me that I will not be successful because i had a child early. And that He was going to set me back. I proved her so wrong! I am now a Network Systems Engineer making way more money than her in less than half the time she was in the company that we both work for. She also degraded me for not being married so my husband and I decided to get married with over 300 guests paying for it ourselves. I think that really made her more Angry. Now that my children are old enough and independent enough I have decided to go back to school to take up nursing AND there she was again stating her opinion that I will not complete the course. Once I heard that...it makes me want to finish and succeed in it more than ever.So if I were you prove her wrong. Make her feel that she's wrongGood Luck
  6. by   DFWgal
    Way to go chipotle! congrats!
  7. by   iPink
    Her degrading comments toward you should make you stronger. I hope your mother isn't standing for that talk as well. Become that ADN RN and continue to be a role model for your children.