CSI Staten Island transfer student Help!

  1. Hello, friends.
    Anyone who studied at Csi or transferred to csi please advise. Iam planning to take nursing programm at CSi and i have almost all but pre- reqs done at different CuNy.
    I am like luterally fighting with administration to get right answers. They say Csi does not take bio unless two courses taken at the same institution. Fine ,so i thought i go to csi in Spring 19 take leftover pre-req and get epermit for Bio 2 at my current (KBCc) college so they accept bio from same institution.
    Registrar told me today, i can do it but they will not accept my grade from KBCc... What really confused me, if they accept whole course of bio and not have grade for bio1 which is a pre- req, how they will determine my eligibility... Also i have ENG from KBCc and a Psy from foreingh university. So they will not determine transferred grades from not Csi for pre- reqs?
    Anyone transferred and had some pre- reqs done at different college? How did it go? Because i had 4 opinions and now i am totally lost what should i do...
    I guess ur not considered for a programm unless u took all pre- reqs at CSI, otherwise the transferred grade doesn't count!?
    I know it sounds rediqulous- but thats what registrar was telling me...
    I will go to nursing to clarify.
    Thanks, any info appreciated.
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