Confused! Scheduling HESI for multiple applications

  1. IDK if I'm just not getting it bc I'm overloaded w/ finals and meeting all the requirements for these applications or maybe I'm just an idiot- but I'm finding the information to schedule the HESI really confusing . Maybe someone can help a chick out!?

    I want to apply to two programs- one in Austin, TX (ACC) the other in Houston, TX (UTHouston). For Austin, the school conducts the exam but you can only use it for their application. OK, so I want to take it somewhere else so that I can take the exam once and apply to two schools, but when I go to Elsevier and Prometric to schedule, they want just one school ID. Is there no option for two? And Prometric is asking for a program identifier which IDK what that is or how to get one and the school codes don't work here. *****

    I'm frustrated and don't want to mess this up and miss a deadline or have to take it multiple times if I don't have to. Any advice!?
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  3. by   tgaigety
    The two schools I applied to that required the HESI would not accept attempts from a different school. I ended up taking the HESI twice, one attempt for each school. I live in GA so I'm not sure if you are in the same boat I was in. The best thing to do is to call the school and verify that you cant send in scores.