Comparing Nursing Schools

  1. I will be applying to schools this coming year. Anyone out there who can
    give me any info comparing schools in NH? I don't know if I should apply
    to every school within driving distance to my house? I know competition
    is very tight. I'm currently taking all my preregs, and will take the NLN
    entrance test probably in Jan. 07. Anyone who has been down this road
    and has any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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  3. by   palesarah
    I don't know if this will be helpful or not... I live in the seacoast area, and decided to go back for nursing about a year after graduating from UNh with a BA in art. I had done the pre-med core also at UNH (long story) so I had most of my pre-reqs. I considered 3 schools- Strafford tech, going back to UNH (they did not have the direct-entry Master's program at the time or I may have opted for that) and NHTI Concord. I looked at what of my classes from UNH would transfer, how long the program would be, cost, class size, evening options, and trends over the previous few years for NCLEX pass rates. In the end, I ended up only choosing NHTI, partially because my father & sister had previously graduated from the program, and also because the school had good NCLEX pass rates and although it was furthest away from my home and the evening program they had at the time fit best into my life.
    Not very helpful, I guess, reading back on my post... good luck to you!