Commute to another CC to gain residency points?

  1. Yesterday I attended the info session at CSU Channel Islands (I will be applying to 9 school's, this is my first choice) and was told that even if you only take one class at a community college in their residency area you can get the 4 points. With those 4 points I would have 35 points and without I would only have 31 points. I know that 2012's applicant point range ended up cutting off at 31 but the info for 2013 was not included and he couldn't remember. The dilemma is I live 61 miles from the nearest CC in their residency. My idea was to take one class next fall at that CC. It would be an added expense of $20 a week in gas plus obviously the long commute through LA, but I most likely could get a class between traffic times. Is this too crazy or is it worth the investment?
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  3. by   its.jess.duh
    I say do it. Yes it is very inconvenient, but if you don't and then you do not get in, you are going to be kicking yourself in the rear. Another thought though: can you take an online class with that college? The CC I went to offered several classes online. For some of them you still had to come to campus for exams, but that would still be less traveling than on a regular basis. Or maybe try to do a mini-mester or summer class there so you do not have to travel for as long of a time period. Just some suggestions. Good luck to you!
  4. by   SageFemmeReveur
    I honestly don't even care that it would be inconvenient, I really just wanted validation that I'm not crazy for wanting to do this, haha. Thanks for reminding me of online classes! I didn't even think about that, that would absolutely be more convenient. I would have to do that or a regular 16 week course cause my boyfriend and I share a car right now. Thank you!